1.    Binding Agreement

By using the wahbalami.ca website, any part of the site or services in connection with the site; you agree to abide by the terms of use herein, as the company may amend or modify when deemed necessary. You agree that you are at least 18 years old and are legally able to enter into this agreement.

2.    Our Refund Policy

Wahbalami.ca ensures that its customers are optimally satisfied with all services offered. With the aim to keep our customers comfortable, we have created 30-day money back guarantee. The 30-days money back guarantee takes effect from the day of purchase. However, note that refunds are only applicable to programs. It does not apply to subscriptions based products. Nonetheless, you may cancel subscriptions at any time by contacting us through the information on our “get in touch” page.

3.    Our Privacy Policy

Wahbalami.ca respects your right to privacy while visiting or using our website and services. To this effect, we have created a privacy policy which you can find at the bottom of our website. You can learn about the information we collect and how we use the information collected. By accessing our website and using any of our products or services, you agree to our privacy policy.

4.    Monthly Subscription and Auto-Renewal

In the event of a purchase of our product or use of our services which are monthly based, you agree to the fact that billing would automatically recur every 30 days until otherwise canceled by you. You agree that if the subscription is not canceled, you consent to an automatic debit to the card, account or payment method provided for renewal of a subscription. You also agree that debits made for subscriptions are not refundable as product or service subscriptions are considered used when accessed.

5.    Confidential Information

For the essence of this binding user agreement, the following information is considered confidential:

i.    If in written form is considered as confidential

ii.    If disclosed verbally is noted as confidential at the time of disclosure

iii.    In the absence of i & ii above, all information provided on or via this website and services offered; including, but not limited to, research methods and projects, trade secrets, methods of compiling information, inventions, methods of creating database, computer models, product formulation, data processing programs, strategies and plans for future business, marketing ideas, potential acquisition & divestitures, product or service development or ideas, financial information regarding costs, profits, commissions, sales, fees, suppliers, mailing lists, information regarding our customers and affiliates, potential affiliates, customers and suppliers, and employee information regarding salaries, benefits, bonuses, contact information, qualifications and abilities.

You agree that the information you have access to via our services, products or the use of our website is deemed confidential as they are not general knowledge and are not used by others within a highly competitive international industry which our company operates in. To this extent, you acknowledge that you are receiving the confidential information in confidence and you will not disclose, copy or publish any confidential information without the prior written consent from wahbalami.ca.

You agree not to use confidential information in the following light:

i.    To solicit our employees, customers or affiliates; alone or in association with other entities in order to inhibit his/her relationship with us.

ii.    To solicit personally or facilitate an organization you are associated with for employment, hire or engagement as an independent contractor with the exception of an employment or contract terminated for more than one year.

iii.    To solicit with any of our customers or suppliers, business relations, suppliers, license with the aim to alter our relationship or enter into any form of business with such entity or individual.

You agree that all confidential information including the original and copies remain the properties of wahbalami.ca.

You shall be held liable for any data information breach or disclosure. In the event that you are forced by law to disclose any confidential information, you agree to give us notice prior to the disclosure in order for us to seek appropriate protection or a professional course of action and you agree to disclose only the portion of the confidential information legally required.

6.    License

You agree that our company retains all rights to all licenses, website technology, intellectual properties, title, interests, contents, materials, services accessible on or via our website, trademarks, and copyrights. To this extent, you possess no right, ownership to or license to trademarks, trade secrets, intellectual property, content, trade names, copyrights, patents, and services. You are strictly prohibited from republishing, reproducing, assigning, retransmitting, distributing, selling or preparing contents or services provided by our site. All rights to this site, its contents, and the services remain to us or our licensors.

Note that we reserve all right to terminate your license immediately if you breach any licensing agreement contained herein.

7.    Site, Content and Service Use

This user agreement binds you to use our website, services, and contents for the sole purpose of promoting your existing business.

You are not allowed to cause harm to the website or service in any form. In relation to this, you agree to refrain from making derogatory statements of any form, written or oral, about our company which could negatively affect our reputation. You also agree to prevent others from making any such damaging statements. As regards this paragraph, our company may take legal actions to recover damages sustained in the event of any breach. Users are not permitted to make false claims about products or services.

Authorized users have passwords to access most areas of our website which are protected by passwords. To this end, you are responsible for all activities including under your password-protected account including fees whether you were responsible for the activities or not.  You agree that you are responsible for the protection or confidentiality of your chosen password. You also agree to bear the brunt of any such disclosure of your password to a third-party. In the event of password confidentiality or account breach; you agree to contact us.

8.    Alerts and Notifications

In the event that you have presented the opportunity of subscribing to alerts and notifications, bear the following in mind:

i.    Phone number supplied to us are safe and we will never spam you.

ii.    We do not sell or release your phone number a third party individual or entity.

iii.    You may get up to 4 messages per week.

iv.    Messages are about new courses, online webinars, and the likes.

v.    Message charges may apply.

vi.    You may opt-out by replying “STOP”.

vii.    You may also request for help by replying “HELP”.

viii.    Wireless carriers will not be liable for any delay or failure in message delivery.

9.    User Content

User content implies all forms of content created by you. Once you make any content created by you available to the world by posting or transmitting it to our blog or service, it may be impossible to totally remove it online. To this extent, by transmitting, distributing or posting user contents to our website or service, you are waving your rights to royalty and exclusive licensing. We are not liable to pay you any form of compensation for the use of your user content. By posting or transmitting user content on our website, you agree that your name may be published in relation to the content and you acknowledge that you own the rights to such user contents.

10.    Inappropriate Content

Any content that is pornographic, defamatory, abusive, threatening and unlawful are considered to be inappropriate. You agree not to upload, distribute, or transmit any material or content that is deemed inappropriate in this regard. You are liable to legal sanction, should you upload or distribute any such content.

11.    Compliance with Copyright Intellectual Laws

By using our website, and accessing our services, you agree to comply with intellectual property laws. In relation to this, you acknowledge that all materials and contents uploaded or distributed to our website or services are not in violation of any third-party intellectual or ownership rights. You agree to be held liable for any copyright infringement and we intend to cooperate fully with law enforcement agencies in this regard.

12.    Reported Violations

We reserve the right to suspend or terminate your use of any service or content on our website without prior notice to you if you are found violating third party rights, furnish our company with false or misleading data interfering with the use of the site, content or service. We may, therefore, carry out investigations on your account. You agree that company representatives may access your account to investigate abuse or infringement of third-party rights.

13.    Disclaimer of Warranties

Wahbalami.ca/learn makes no representations and disclaims all warranties arising or in connection with the use of our site, contents, and services. You use the site and services at your own risk. Our company shall not be held liable for inability or failure to access the site, damage or loss from use of the site,  incorrect or missing data and third-party access to consumer data.

We make no warranties as to the level of success of the users of our services, as the level of success depends on a number of things including the financial situation f the individual.

14.    Additional Restrictions

Wahbalami.ca/learn provides courses for contractors and marketers. By using or accessing our services you agree that:

i.    You have an existing business and would use the information gotten from our courses for the sole purpose of enhancing your business.

ii.    You would not use information gotten from our services for starting a new business. Our services do not entail the complexities and uncertainties of starting a new business.

iii.    As a company, we would not provide you with advice on how to run your business.

15.    Termination of Use

You agree that we reserve all the right to terminate your use of our site and service without any prior notice to you if we have discovered at our own discretion that you have breached any of the terms or agreements herein or affiliate agreement as regards to affiliate partners. You agree that we shall not be liable to you or any party for any such termination.

16.    Waiver

In the event that a court of law and competent jurisdiction finds any part of these terms to be unenforceable, all other parts remain intact and fully enforceable. No waiver would be granted regarding if a part of these terms is found unenforceable. A waiver shall be honored only when put in writing and signed by the authorized representative of the waiving party.

17.    Changes

You agree that we may at any time we see fit modify; make deductions or additions to these terms and the modifications become effective upon posting to the website. We reserve the right to make modifications without prior notice to you. If any of the part modified in the terms of use appears not to be acceptable by you, you may choose to stop using our website and service. Your continual use and access to our website and services imply your consent to any such changes.

18.    Governing Law

The terms herein are governed and in accordance with the laws of Canada and the region of Quebec. To this extent, you, therefore, consent to the exclusive jurisdiction of Quebec or the federal courts in the region. These terms do not by any means limit our rights or the rights of our suppliers, licensors or affiliated entities may have under the trade secret, trademark, copyright, patents, and other laws.

By using this site and any of our services, you agree that you have read these terms of service, understood them and agree to be fully bound by them, as modified from time to time